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Mommy Bucks Program

The “Mommy Bucks - Earn While You Learn” program provides women with an opportunity to learn valuable parenting skills through classes, in exchange for “Mommy Bucks” that she redeems in our store for items like diapers, clothes, bottles, baby furniture, etc. 

The program is setup for mothers from the beginning of their pregnancy forward, and also for those who have already had their baby - all the way until the child is two years old. Our goal is to empower the current and future Mothers with the parenting skills they need to succeed, and the physical items to make raising their child easier.

We also offer a special “Crib Program” where Mothers can earn a brand-new crib for free if she attends 32 class hours. These cribs are paid for 100% by our generous donors. If you would like to contribute directly to the Crib fund, please get in touch by calling us at 530-661-6333 or email us at